Saturday, September 20, 2014

Devising Solutions for College Funding: Knowing When to Hire a Specialist

With so many things to do, parents do not always have enough time and means to determine the exact cost of a college education until they are to be paid for. According to the article, parents also tend to forget that students too would have to make their own financial decisions and need to be guided. As a result, both parents and children end up making bad financial decisions. In dealing with these financial problems, preparation is key. Parents, when it comes to devising college funding solutions, need to be guided just like their children. If students can be taught to be financially literate, parents, too, can be taught ways on how to minimize the cost of sending them to college. This is where a college-fund specialist plays an important role.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

When Planning Ahead: Why You Should Hire College Funding Services

When it comes to financial awareness and literacy, it stands ironic that not a lot of people are all that adept, considering that every single day presents – and necessitates – opportunities of doing so. One of the bigger consequences of this failure to properly budget is that families are, at the last minute, struggling and cramming to find means to send their children to college. This, despite the fact that the parents (ideally) had some 16 to 17 years to brace their accounts for the impact that college education will bring.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Free Money for College May Also be Obtained by Way of Tax Benefits

Basic college financial planning dictates that an incoming freshman look to get as much free money for college first, then resort to federal loans next, with private loans and spending out of pocket coming in last. What most parents and students doing the planning on their own often don’t realize, however, is that apart from planning beforehand, there are ways by which they can recoup their expenses as each academic year proceeds. A report posted last August 19th on the Lifestyle section of the Time Warner Cable News Website discusses tax credits, one method which college expenses can be reduced

Sunday, September 14, 2014

College Financial Planning and Why Considering Location is Important

When it comes to college financial planning, what commonly comes to mind is what major is going to being taken, the school to be attended, and the associated living costs while in school. What most parents and students don’t realize is that the state where the school is located can also factor in with how much it all costs. As discussed in an article published on Yahoo! Finance last August 19th, the value of a hundred dollars slightly varies within each state.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Reasons Why College Financial Aid Consultants Remain Relevant Today

Data from the Pew Research Center, featured in the same article, also backs this up, with numbers citing that college grads are still bound to earn more—making about $17,500 more on average as opposed to their high school graduate counterparts. Other analysts also echo this sentiment, standing by the assertion that graduating from college still has its merits, mainly because opportunities for degree holders will expand exponentially as the economy continues to recover. Moreover, Pew data further claim that once employed, college graduates are more likely to be optimistic of their jobs than their peers with a high school diploma. About 86 percent of Pew’s respondents said that they look at their current job as a stepping stone to a lengthy career, in comparison to 57 percent among their counterparts with less schooling.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tips from College Financial Advisors: Keeping College Expenses Down

Think about getting your child enrolled in accelerated classes that essentially turns an entire semester’s worth of classes into a few weeks of lessons. This can potentially move up his graduation date, and some institutions even offer such classes at a fraction of the cost of regular classes. Of course, you should consider your child’s competence first, for what use is accelerated education if he wouldn’t be able to adapt to fast learning in the first place. Cut down textbook costs. Of all costs that your child will face throughout his college years, textbook expenses could be the most unrelenting and unforgiving, so it’s always good to think of a few alternatives. You can always buy used ones, or look for online retailers, since you can almost always find a better deal from one than from the school bookstore.