Saturday, November 15, 2014

Finding College Funding Solutions from State and Community Sources

Opportunities like these warrant the services of a reputable college funding solutions specialist like John McDonough of Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC. Finding the right school and/or applying for the right scholarship can be quite intimidating, particularly without enough knowledge about the different grants and programs available. Taking other factors like cost of living and study schedules can make the process even more complicated. College funding specialists can help parents and their children take advantage of the funding solutions available to them. For example, undergraduate transfer students who failed to meet the requirements for the Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship program might want to move to states that have ‘reciprocity’ for reduced tuition, like California. However, they’ll need to stay in these states for at least a year to establish residency, which is required for students to become eligible for the smaller rates.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Investing College Savings Funds: Solutions for Growth and Stability

Investing in qualified tuition plans, commonly known as 529 Plans, is a popular way of saving for a child’s college education. Created under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, these state or university-sponsored plans can greatly help in paying for the college education expenses of the account holder’s beneficiary. Not all 529 Plans, however, are created equal. Chicago-based financial research firm Morningstar annually rates 529 Plans, mainly according to required fees, quality of supervision or oversight, and investment options. From their latest evaluation, it appears the size of a plan’s assets does not necessarily determine its favorability.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Getting Free Money for College: The Importance of Timely Applications

A person’s college aspirations usually start once he or she hits high school. During these times, it would be best for prospective college students to start looking for colleges that would be a good fit to their interests and aspirations. Identifying potential colleges and universities early also has financial benefits. For one, it will help cut down on application fees, which has an average of $38. As Nerd Scholar author Gianna Sen-Gupta says in an article, applying early means getting the results early, and if one gets admitted to a choice college, he or she would not need to apply elsewhere and pay more application fees.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Timely College Financial Planning Will Help Avoid Heavy Student Debts

Student loans are some of the most persistent debts in existence. Private loan interests start to accrue upon disbursement of funds, while interest for federal loans start six months after graduation. In later years, many people find themselves choosing between paying off their debts and saving up for retirement. Given the long term ramifications of student loans, careful planning for college funding is very important. College financial planning experts like John McDonough of Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC can help parents come up with solutions that will be most viable and less of a burden for both themselves and their children in the future.

Friday, November 7, 2014

College Funding Advisors Help Get the Right Amount of College Aid

As reported on, during the Inc. GrowCo conference in Nashville, TN, businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban proposed putting a $10,000 limit on student loans to limit student debt, which now stands at a staggering $1.22 trillion. He said this would hopefully urge universities and colleges to control their spending and lower tuition fees. At first glance, Cuban may well be earning the ire of cash-strapped Americans. A 2013 report by College Board puts the average expenses for a four year course in a private university at $30,094, excluding room and board; and $8,893 for in-state students at public institutions.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

College Financial Advisors: Choosing the Right College for Your Child

The choice of college is certainly one aspect expert college financial advisors, such as John McDonough of Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC, can help you in. With these professionals’ experience and knowhow, they can help students and their parents find the institution that could offer the right balance between repute and affordability. College selection is just among the many strategies knowledgeable college planning advisors may present to their client. They can also help parents go through the various solutions available to them, such as government and private aids, and student loans, to come up with a plan that will make quality college education more affordable.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Crowdsourcing: The Newest Addition to Solutions for College Funding?

It's also important to remember that those who resorted to crowdsourcing still had a substantial level of financial stability. In fact, one of Stone's success stories from Vanderbilt University benefited from the university's financial program (although only for the first year). Even as she turned to crowdsourcing, she still received some support from her father. Saving Still Works Financing experts say tested college funding solutions like saving early remain the most effective. Relying on something as apparently volatile as crowdsourcing, where too many variables are at play, would not be a wise move.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beyond Trusty College Funding Services: Why are Degrees Expensive?

There is one good reason behind it all: college is much pricier today in relation to people’s income—130% more over the last two decades, to be exact. Such figures basically mean that students from 20 years ago literally had it much easier than the students of today. In this age, it isn’t only tuition that’s breaking the bank for most families—expenses such as the length of the degree, the cost of room and board, and untoward incidences all add up to the bill. Still, there’s room for hope—scholarships, grants, and professional college funding services from people such as John McDonough of the Studemont Group College Funding Solutions LLC, offer numerous ways to pay for a decent college education.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Getting Free Money for College: Crucial Money-Saving Tips for Parents

Did you know that raising a child till the age of 18 will cost you roughly $245,000? Of course, by the time they reach that age, they’ll be graduating from high school, so you’ll be facing yet another major expense: college tuition fees. According to estimates, the average cost of sending a child to an in-state public college is about $22,826 for the 2013-2014 academic year alone. If you want to send your kid to a private school, bump up that figure to around $44,750. That’s a lot of money for college tuition fees.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

College Financial Planning Tips: Crucial Mistake Parents Must Avoid

So even if Junior is just about to start school, you’d be wise to start college financial planning now. As John McDonough of Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC says, though, you’ll want to avoid these crucial mistakes: Borrowing from Your Retirement Fund A lot of parents think that they can simply “borrow” money from their 401k plan to fund their child’s college education. Chances are, though, your kid will enter college during your 40s or 50s, leaving you precious little time to pay off that borrowed sum. Remember: it’s always easier to secure a student loan than a retirement loan, so don’t touch your nest egg if you want to retire on time.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Obliging College Funding Advisors Can Help Plan Your Child’s Future

Quality education comes at a price, and if you want the best for your kid, you and your child will need a lot of cash to fund for it. While it may sound like a tall order to families with limited funds, especially if you want your kid to pursue a career in sports, there are flexible ways to budget your money to afford college education. Parents and their budding scholars should seek aid from helpful college funding advisors such as John McDonough of The Studemont Group College Funding Solutions LLC. Financial assistance is almost always a standard thing among college students due to the high costs of tuition.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Savvy College Financial Advisors Share Top Ways to Save for the Future

Fortunately, there are several ways to help you save up for your child’s college tuition and minimize his or her student debt. According to experienced college financial advisors, some interesting ways to save up for your child’s college tuition include the following: Start Paying Your Debts Simply put, being in debt makes it virtually impossible to save up for the future. Eliminating debt is the first step you need to take when saving up for your child’s college fund.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Devising Solutions for College Funding: Knowing When to Hire a Specialist

With so many things to do, parents do not always have enough time and means to determine the exact cost of a college education until they are to be paid for. According to the article, parents also tend to forget that students too would have to make their own financial decisions and need to be guided. As a result, both parents and children end up making bad financial decisions. In dealing with these financial problems, preparation is key. Parents, when it comes to devising college funding solutions, need to be guided just like their children. If students can be taught to be financially literate, parents, too, can be taught ways on how to minimize the cost of sending them to college. This is where a college-fund specialist plays an important role.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

When Planning Ahead: Why You Should Hire College Funding Services

When it comes to financial awareness and literacy, it stands ironic that not a lot of people are all that adept, considering that every single day presents – and necessitates – opportunities of doing so. One of the bigger consequences of this failure to properly budget is that families are, at the last minute, struggling and cramming to find means to send their children to college. This, despite the fact that the parents (ideally) had some 16 to 17 years to brace their accounts for the impact that college education will bring.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Free Money for College May Also be Obtained by Way of Tax Benefits

Basic college financial planning dictates that an incoming freshman look to get as much free money for college first, then resort to federal loans next, with private loans and spending out of pocket coming in last. What most parents and students doing the planning on their own often don’t realize, however, is that apart from planning beforehand, there are ways by which they can recoup their expenses as each academic year proceeds. A report posted last August 19th on the Lifestyle section of the Time Warner Cable News Website discusses tax credits, one method which college expenses can be reduced

Sunday, September 14, 2014

College Financial Planning and Why Considering Location is Important

When it comes to college financial planning, what commonly comes to mind is what major is going to being taken, the school to be attended, and the associated living costs while in school. What most parents and students don’t realize is that the state where the school is located can also factor in with how much it all costs. As discussed in an article published on Yahoo! Finance last August 19th, the value of a hundred dollars slightly varies within each state.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Reasons Why College Financial Aid Consultants Remain Relevant Today

Data from the Pew Research Center, featured in the same article, also backs this up, with numbers citing that college grads are still bound to earn more—making about $17,500 more on average as opposed to their high school graduate counterparts. Other analysts also echo this sentiment, standing by the assertion that graduating from college still has its merits, mainly because opportunities for degree holders will expand exponentially as the economy continues to recover. Moreover, Pew data further claim that once employed, college graduates are more likely to be optimistic of their jobs than their peers with a high school diploma. About 86 percent of Pew’s respondents said that they look at their current job as a stepping stone to a lengthy career, in comparison to 57 percent among their counterparts with less schooling.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tips from College Financial Advisors: Keeping College Expenses Down

Think about getting your child enrolled in accelerated classes that essentially turns an entire semester’s worth of classes into a few weeks of lessons. This can potentially move up his graduation date, and some institutions even offer such classes at a fraction of the cost of regular classes. Of course, you should consider your child’s competence first, for what use is accelerated education if he wouldn’t be able to adapt to fast learning in the first place. Cut down textbook costs. Of all costs that your child will face throughout his college years, textbook expenses could be the most unrelenting and unforgiving, so it’s always good to think of a few alternatives. You can always buy used ones, or look for online retailers, since you can almost always find a better deal from one than from the school bookstore.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Looking into Solutions for College Funding? Basics of the 529 Plan

"However, the named beneficiary isn’t the only one who can take advantage of what’s been saved up in his 529 plan. If your child who is the beneficiary chooses not to go to college, the account owner, or you, the parent, can change to any immediate family member who will go to college, or even to descendants of the named beneficiary. Firms like The Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC, with their founder John McDonough, can help you find the best college funding solutions just suited to your needs. Be sure to ask your consultant as many questions as you can about the possibility of getting started on a 529 college plan."

Friday, August 22, 2014

Tips on Reducing your EFC for more Efficient College Funding Services

"It’s never too early or too late to find ways to get financial help for your children’s education, especially as they step into college. If you want to get a good deal on reliable college funding services, you should make it a point to identify your expected family contribution or EFC which is based on your need for aid as specified in your Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA form. What is EFC? When you file your FAFSA, the government will assess your status based on your income, assets and other financial information, after which you will receive a Student Aid Report or SAR. This will contain not only a summary of the information you’ve submitted, but also the amount of your EFC, which is basically what the government expects you to be paying for college education costs."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In a Bind? Ways to Quickly Find Opportunities to get Money for College

"Free Money Don’t lose hope that you can somehow find grants and scholarships for your kids, even when you only have a short time to look. Many college-funding solutions companies like The Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC, through their founder John McDonough, can help parents in need find free money for college education. Education is something that should never be taken for granted. If you can look beyond the financial hardship that will challenge you throughout your children’s college education, you might just see how opportunities to overcome exist at every corner, and that you and your children can look forward to a future filled with hope and promise."

Monday, August 18, 2014

College Financial Planning—One Error in Aid Application Can Be Ruinous

"When it comes to a complete, timely, and error-free submission, there’s no better alternative than having a college financial planning expert take care of this important application for you. As the news article proves, even a tiny error can dramatically affect your chances of getting financial aid. And it’s not only just about filling out application forms correctly—it’s also about making sure you provide the right information and that you don’t disclose information you don’t have to. A college funding professional, such as John McDonough of the Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC, can help ensure that what you submit will get you the best financial aid package you can get and provide you with a sound financial planning for college that your child needs."

Saturday, August 16, 2014

College Funding Specialists: Finding the Right Career for Your Child

"Financing a college education is something that both parent and child must be concerned about. With the price of education in the nation’s top universities at an all-time high, getting into the preferred college has become an impossibility for a lot of people. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand that can make thousands of dollars magically appear in front of you—college funding success requires the careful crafting and implementation of a sound educational and financial plan. The good news is, there are knowledgeable college funding advisors that can introduce you to a number of strategies that address your specific situation."

Thursday, August 14, 2014

College Financial Advisors: Financial Aid for Kids of Single Parents

"As a single parent, the financial burden you face can be too overwhelming. With the financial aid provided by a scholarship, you may afford to send your child to college without having the opportunity adversely affect your personal funds. The scholarships above are only four of many that are specifically designed to fulfill a single parent’s goal of putting their kids through college. There are plenty of other scholarships provided by your state and local government, other institutions or agencies from the private and public sectors, and nonprofit organizations. The need for a college financial advisor Consulting with college financial advisors, such as John McDonough of Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC, is a must if you want to know how to maximize financial aid opportunities around you, and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. Apart from helping you select the right scholarship, these advisors can also help you identify the right college, fill out and submit for

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Smart Students Seeking College Funding Solutions Have Several Options

Sending your child to college is a necessary but expensive investment. Even if you do have the deep pockets to afford it, expect it to cost more than an average family can afford to pay without feeling the pinch. However, if your kid has the smarts, there are several effective solutions for college funding that you can turn to. Knowing the schools offering both the course of study and the best financial aid can be a factor in getting your child to select the college to go to. Basic financial aid for the most part, however, does not completely cover all the expenses associated with your child’s education. Often, you’ll need a bit of help. There are ways to maximize college funding solutions that college funding services like John McDonough’s Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC can recommend.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

College Funding Services Help Parents Plan to Pay for Kids’ Tuition

Before you plunge in alone and explore your options, it would be wise to consult first with experienced college funding services like the Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC, founded by its president, John McDonough. These services can help guide you through the perils of college funding so that you can procure the funds from the best sources available. Services to help people with college funding solutions can help in several ways: They can scout out the colleges that provide the best aid packages you’ll need. Most colleges offer various financial aid packages to students needing financial assistance. Some aids offer far more than others, but the challenge is to find one that responds to what you truly need.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Federal and State Grants: Top Ways to Obtain Free Money for College

Parents who are preparing to send their children to college resort to different ways to finance their kids’ education. But while loans and other related conventional financing schemes dominate the funding sources, other programs such as federal and state grants, offer beneficiaries better terms for the much-needed free money for college. A brief description of grant sources is detailed here by Liz Weston in her article on MSN Money: Grants are a much better deal than loans, of course, because you don’t have to pay the money back. Grant money, however, is usually based largely on need and is often parceled out on a first-come, first-served basis. As college costs skyrocket, it’s important to apply early for financial aid and be aware of any available grants that might help lower your college costs.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bad Habits by Parents that Make College Financial Planning a Pain

Effective college financial planning is a pretty hard thing to accomplish these days for some parents in the U.S., mainly because the price tag for a good collegiate education is getting pricier. According to a report by US News’ Geoff Williams, American parents have to raise money to afford college with in-state public college tuition averaging at $8,893 during the 2013-2014 academic year. Williams also points out the heftier sums that parents have to pay when they decide to send their children to private schools, “You’ll have an even tougher time if you want to send your child to a private school. The average cost for tuition and fees at a private college during the last academic year was $30,094,“ said Williams.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Last Minute Tips from your College Funding Advisors: Getting the Funds

There are two types of people who might end up with a funding problem just before their kids start college: those who didn’t take inflation rates into consideration as they contribute annually to his savings account, and those who simply waited too long to start setting money aside. Whichever of the two you may be, don’t fret, there are still ways to get the funding you need just in time for junior to choose a college or university to enroll in. Hire the Pros Hire efficient college funding advisors like Mr. John McDonough of the Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC, for help. The thing about getting professional aid is that you don’t have to employ trial-and-error methods for saving up anymore; you are pressed for time and these professionals will help you find financial aid solutions in the here and now. Do some research on dependable advisors before choosing and hiring one.

Friday, July 18, 2014

College Financial Advisors Help You Plan a Budget for Kids’ College

Few things are more important for most families than the education of their children. Unfortunately, knowledge rarely comes cheap these days, and many parents scramble for funding—from their own savings plus other private and government sources if they could tap into them, to afford college. This is why many reliable college financial advisors like The Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC, through their president John McDonough, advise parents to start setting money aside early on and look in the right places for opportunities for financial aid.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Look into College Funding Solutions to Minimize Student Loan Debts

Facing a ton of student loan debt obligations is quite the horror story that college graduates tell their young peers. Thankfully, some students who still have a few years to go before they set foot in college are taking heed of the warning. Together with their parents, they make an effort to plan ahead of time. Parents and college-bound kids can look into alternative solutions for college funding, such as merit-based scholarships, with the help of college funding specialists like John McDonough of the Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC.

Unfortunately, only a few organizations offer full-tuition scholarships. This means that even if students get approved for a merit-based scholarship, they still have to get additional funding to cover the rest of the education costs. The bad news is, the most accessible option is a student loan.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How College Funding Services Help People Get Merit-based Scholarships

Completing application requirements is a tedious process, and a student needs all the help that he or she can get. The student can rely on college planning specialists like John McDonough and team from Studemont Group College Funding Solutions LLC. College planning professionals can expertly determine a student’s eligibility for merit-based scholarship programs and help out in whatever is lacking, like how to craft a good request letter for recommendation from a previous teacher.

A college education will forever be a priceless asset. With this development in scholarship programs, though, students have no choice but to go with the flow. Thankfully, they can achieve their goals and win a scholarship with the right guidance from professionals in the college planning field.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Getting Free Money for College is Possible through Proper Planning

Parents and students that go through the financial pangs of college understand the benefits of a college degree to a student, as higher earning jobs and opportunities come to those who bear degrees. However, budget establishment, loans, and changes in financial aid are some of the greatest financial problems they have to face.

Parents and students can avert financial disaster by proper planning and working, but nothing helps better than a well-thought out financial plan for the future. Techniques and plans from a reputable advisor like John McDonough of Studemont Group College Funding Solutions LLC can help parents and students alike save money for college.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Effective College Financial Planning Helps Students Cope with Changes

If the idea of a performance-based funding pushes through, this means that students who want to pursue a certain degree may have more difficulty paying the necessary fees compared with others who take a degree that the market demands. The possibility of such a situation emphasizes the need for a proper college financial planning scheme for students who want to go to college.

Collegiate education is an important experience for a young person who wants to gain success, as a solid college education equips him or her with the proper knowledge and expertise to thrive in the field he or she wishes to join after graduation. It also develops the student’s interpersonal skills, another important trait to acquire when he or she faces the world.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Expert College Funding Advisors: What Savings Plan Will Work For You?

The Coverdell Education Savings Account (CESA) is a special trust account like 529s in the sense that the earnings are tax-exempt. Parents can save stocks or bonds under the account and can even withdraw money for elementary or high-school expenses without tax penalties. However, taking this option requires thorough deliberation with an advisor. Williams states that a savings account holder cannot put in more than $2,000 a year, even if he or she opens at least two CESAs.

There will always be a way to save money for your child’s college education and the abovementioned strategies are among the most notable. Meeting up with top college funding specialists such as Studemont Group College Funding Solutions LLC can help shed light on the possibilities.

Monday, June 2, 2014

College Financial Advisors: Helping Parents Plan for College Way Ahead

Parents whose daughter or son is about to start college next semester have enough reasons to worry. A top education marketing company found out in a new study that college graduates of 2014 will have amassed the highest debts, on average, at $33,000 per head or at least twice the average amount 20 years ago, considering inflation. Parents whose children are in their junior or senior high school should, therefore, approach skilled college financial advisors, such as Studemont Group College Funding Solutions LLC, for advice on how to land a good school for their kids without incurring that much debt.

There are numerous savings plans geared towards college students, but they do not usually come into play until late in high school. Thirty states are already giving parents additional saving power by allowing them to reap their income tax deductions as contributions to their savings plans. Doherty notes, for example, a proposal by MA State Sen. Eileen Donoghue to program tax deductions of up to $5,000 for plan contributions.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

College Funding Solutions: A Look at the 529 College Savings Plan

However, this plan type is often restricted to plan owners and benefactors who are residents of the state where the fund was opened.

The Right Plan

The 529 Plan is a helpful scheme that has allowed many youths get the education they deserve. One state may offer several 529 Plans so it is important for would be plan owners to weigh their options carefully. Additionally, parents may also want to explore other viable college funding solutions, and advisors like John McDonough of the Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC can provide these parents with the necessary guidance.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Partnering with Funding Services in Planning College Savings Funds

Experts say the best time to start planning for children’s college education is as soon they are born. Parents should anticipate the rising costs of education through the years, and plan for at least three times the current costs of attending college. It would also help to look into starting a college savings plan at the earliest time possible.

Many parents may understandably find the long-term planning difficult to set in motion, especially while the student-to-be is still innocently playing in the crib. Trusted college funding services such as those offered through John McDonough of the Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC, may be called upon to help parents in the planning process. Those who may have failed to make an early start can also rely on these services to look for solutions that can put their children through higher education.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Free College Money through Student Loans, Scholarships and Grants


Almost all colleges, universities, and private institutions offer scholarships to some outstanding students. For most of these students, this is the most ideal way to get free money for college. A scholarship is often awarded to students who meet the criteria in various fields, such as academics, leadership, or sports. Unlike student loans, scholarships do not have to be repaid.

Many scholarships cover all the financial requirements for a college education, including tuition, and room and board. Some even offer allowances for the student’s out-of-school expenses. However, finding the most appropriate scholarship program, applying for it, and getting approved can be quite difficult, given the competition for these awards. College funding specialists, like John McDonough and those at Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC can help parents and students identify potential scholarships and set the wheels in motion toward qualifying for these at the earliest time possible.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scholarships and College Financial Planning: What Parents Should Know

However, winning a scholarship is not as easy as it sounds. Parents may need to pull out all the stops and help their kids increase their chances of getting a scholarship. Parents can look into being active in their community, as there are some organizations that offer scholarships for college-bound kids. Of course, such scholarships won’t be enough to cover the entire college tuition, but they can help pay for books and dorm expenses.

Parents who work in big organizations may also have a shot at getting a scholarship for their kids. Some employers realize the importance of financial planning for college and thus offer college scholarship programs, and parents will just have to meet the required years of service to qualify. Some of these scholarships are merit-based, however, so an impressive list of scholastic achievements is critical.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Take Stock of School Developments with Expert College Funding Advisors

The state of the economy is always pegged as symbiotic with the status of the education system. Conventional wisdom states that an economic downturn results in lesser government support but better enrolment numbers as a result of higher tuition revenue and more per-student spending. However, a look at the SHEEO data reveals that the additional government funds allocated for education during 2013 also triggered a 1.4% increase in per-student funding to a six-year high of $6,105.

A skilled college financial aid consultant like one from Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC has the foresight to help you analyze the situation and draft solutions to tuition-related issues. Such competence will be vital in light of a supposed “new normal” stated in the report. The term meant families having to increase their allotments for college education; the schools are prompted to explore new ways to improve student productivity and academic competence in light of budget cuts.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Finding the Right Student Loans through College Financial Advisors

A check of your liquid assets will suffice in pursuing finance options such as a mortgage or dipping into your 401(k). However, there are red flags which your advisor will explain. Onink says that loans made from 401(k) plans should be paid off within five years lest they be slapped with penalties and income taxes, while an incomplete home mortgage can lead to foreclosure.

Every parent should plan ahead in ensuring that their children can stand on their own, especially at such a formative stage in their lives. Competent college planning advisors like John McDonough of the Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC will help you do that.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

College Funding Solutions Vital Under Unpredictable Education Policies

Building a fund for college not only entails saving up in the bank; it also requires key strategies that involve parents and children alike. By hiring a professional who specializes in college funding, you will get a better perspective on how you should approach your child’s college education. Moreover, your child will also be guided accordingly when it comes to choosing the appropriate college to go to, understanding various admission policies, and gauging his or her chances of getting into one of the country’s leading academic institutions.

Education reforms being formulated by the government are likely to lessen the load of parents and students in the coming years. For now, however, effective solutions for college funding are what you need. Experienced college funding specialists like those from the Studemont Group can help families prepare through plans that effectively cover all the expenses without gravely compromising their financial well-being.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

College Funding Services Help Make Sure Students Can Afford College

Financial aid from federal sources is a great way to reduce the huge financial responsibility of paying for college. Additionally, colleges providing financial aid can have offers ranging from $5,000 to $30,000, all of which can be up for appeal, potentially adding more to the pot. Other potential sources for college money exist, like tax benefits and creative financial planning.

The main problem is to have the knowledge of all these disparate sources of funding. Luckily, excellent college funding services like the Studemont Group can help students through the maze of financial opportunities and pitfalls that college presents. Good financial advice can help turn college from a money pit of student loans into an opportunity for the future.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Making Sure That Students Have Money for College is a Full Time Job

The high costs of a college education are not just in the tuition. Housing, food, clothes, and other expenses have to be factored in with the burden that many low and middle-income families have to think about. Paying for all of it usually strains finances and results in some taking crippling student loans that stay with them long after they have graduated.

However, there is a way to acquire free money for college. Financial aid programs are available for many students, while college scholarship programs are also a great way to ameliorate costs. The problem is how to maneuver through all the requirements and competing programs. Thankfully, there are college funding specialists like the Studemont Group and others who can help families make the right choices with college payment plans. With the right planning, students will not have to worry about where their college money will come from.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Proper College Financial Planning will Not Sacrifice Retirement Funds

The article also provided details regarding the FAFSA application, such as which information is needed in the application process. Despite the fact that the family is applying for financial aid, it is important that proper college financial Planning is practiced by both the parents and the children in order to shoulder the burden of a college education.

Proper financial planning is important as it answers several concerns that households are bound to have while sending their children off to colleges. There are hidden fees that need to be answered when the child enters college, such as food and board.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tapping Skilled College Funding Advisors to Map Out Projected Expenses

The cycle of graduations in a few weeks’ time can make parents shake with excitement and fear, especially if their child made it through the SATs and got accepted at a reputable university. Some experts claim that a private college will cost $30,000 a year on average, plus other expenses. You need the wisdom of expert college funding advisors such as Studemont Group College Funding Solutions to get you through.

It is important to keep all options open, particularly if your child applied to many schools and nearly all of them responded favorably. Take note, though, that some schools require freshmen to find on-campus accommodations with meal plans thrown in, but the overall cost for lodging may be lower if your child will have roommates. Coogan cited UCLA’s residence halls that cost over $16,200 a year for solo living.

Monday, April 14, 2014

College Financial Advisors Tell Pell Grant Applicants: Fill Out Forms

The maximum award for the 2014 award year, which lasts from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, is at $5,645. For the 2015 award year, which is from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, the ceiling award will increase by 1.48 percent to $5,730. However, applying for a Pell Grant doesn’t always guarantee receiving the maximum award, at least not without professional help.

An expert college financial advisor like The Studemont Group College Funding Solutions works to make the most out of an applicant’s award. Even though the award dwarfs that of a year’s worth in tuition fees, the grant goes a long way to supporting a child’s future.