Monday, May 5, 2014

Take Stock of School Developments with Expert College Funding Advisors

The state of the economy is always pegged as symbiotic with the status of the education system. Conventional wisdom states that an economic downturn results in lesser government support but better enrolment numbers as a result of higher tuition revenue and more per-student spending. However, a look at the SHEEO data reveals that the additional government funds allocated for education during 2013 also triggered a 1.4% increase in per-student funding to a six-year high of $6,105.

A skilled college financial aid consultant like one from Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC has the foresight to help you analyze the situation and draft solutions to tuition-related issues. Such competence will be vital in light of a supposed “new normal” stated in the report. The term meant families having to increase their allotments for college education; the schools are prompted to explore new ways to improve student productivity and academic competence in light of budget cuts.

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