Thursday, August 14, 2014

College Financial Advisors: Financial Aid for Kids of Single Parents

"As a single parent, the financial burden you face can be too overwhelming. With the financial aid provided by a scholarship, you may afford to send your child to college without having the opportunity adversely affect your personal funds. The scholarships above are only four of many that are specifically designed to fulfill a single parent’s goal of putting their kids through college. There are plenty of other scholarships provided by your state and local government, other institutions or agencies from the private and public sectors, and nonprofit organizations. The need for a college financial advisor Consulting with college financial advisors, such as John McDonough of Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC, is a must if you want to know how to maximize financial aid opportunities around you, and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. Apart from helping you select the right scholarship, these advisors can also help you identify the right college, fill out and submit for

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